Farming, Harvest, Production


Plantains are farmed on extensive bodies of land mainly in warm humid environments which you can find in the tropics around the world. The plantain cycle is very similar to the banana and it can take anywhere from 9-11 months for harvesting depending on several factors such as weather and maturity level at which it is harvested.

Cassava is farmed mostly in tropical environments on well drained land and take between 8-12 months to be ready for harvest after planting.



When reaching maturity plantains are harvested by hand and kept in stalks until it reaches the preparation area. Once there is it cut into individual plantains and washed thoroughly before being transported to the production facility. Cassavas are harvested individually and taken to a collection area where they are cleaned and then transported to the production plant.



Plantains and cassavas are both peeled by hand, then cleaned and selected before going to the frying station. After they are fried under very specific standards of time and temperature they are seasoned (salt or flavor) and then go thru a second selection process before being packed and shipped to the different markets for consumption.